Hazel Campbell Paintings

Hazel Campbell has lived and worked in Galloway for most of her adult life, and through attendance at painting classes over a number of years she has developed her own vigorous style of painting. She has a loose, bold approach, working mainly in oil and gouache, using local Galloway countryside as a stimulus for landscape painting. Still life and flowers are also subjects, and like the landscapes, are being treated in an increasingly broad manner.

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May 2020
Tue, May 19 2020

So much has changed since my last update! 

Lockdown meant I couldn't use the studio, so brought two sketch pads and a motley assortment of crayons, pastels and charcoal to our kitchen table. No paint, no brushes! Have tried to sketch or scribble each day, and have an amazing pile of 'interesting ' work. Expect I will look back on it as my 'diary of lockdown'!

Have worked fairly consistently since last June aiming towards Spring Fling 2020, so have discovered much unframed work. Over the many years of Spring Fling I have met many lovely people who have supported and encouraged me, and this has meant so much! In the gallery section is a selection of unframed work which could easily be posted.  The price includes postage. There are also many new framed pieces in the studio and I am happy to open by appointment once lockdown is relaxed. Meanwhile keep well!